If This Happened At a Nigerian Wedding, What Do You Think Is “Gonna” Happen?


Initially, I had wanted to juxtapose this wedding video with a Nigerian wedding video, but on second thought, I decided to let this video keep the spotlight. If not for anything, but for the sheer, raw masculinity oozing from all the groomsmen and the departure from the jaded romantic dances we are so used to.

This is no ordinary wedding dance video, this is in a class of its own; an ancestry masterpiece, riveting, spectacular, gorgeous with a fine blend of cosmopolitan outlook and culture unloose.

maori ritual haka wedding viral video

Oh, so I got carried away and forgot to make the introductions; this is the wedding dance video of Benjamin & Aaliyah Armstrong from New Zealand. For those of you not in the know, New Zealand is a highly developed country and ranks well with other developed nations of the world.

maori ritual haka wedding viral video

The couple are Maoris, the largest minority ethnic group and this video is a highly emotional piece (better get some tissues nearby), the highly famed traditional haka dance form New Zealand. And, yes, I must warn that while you must have been accustomed to the lovely, romantic kind of wedding dance, this is not. This is a cultural pizza, with intimidating body gestures and ricocheting war sounds.  So, the song and dance is historically a war song but has evolved to be a preferred piece at special events and celebration.

maori ritual haka wedding viral video

This beautiful widely viewed piece, was filmed by the bride’s cousin production company, Westone Productions Limited. According to the explanation of the chant, it says the English Translation is: “Son, although it may be difficult for you/and son, although it seems to be unyielding / no matter how long you reflect on it / the answer to the problem / is here inside you.”

maori ritual haka wedding viral video

Well, the groom did not allow the action pass him by, and before you could say New Zealand, he had removed his coat and joined in the celebration. Thereafter, he was kissed in the traditional Maori’s way by touching nose to nose.

So what if this happened at a Nigerian wedding, loud chanting, fierce facial expressions, aggressive arm movements and foot stamping, what do you think is gonna happen? Let’s have your opinion!!!

Watch the video below:


By Abike Akintuyi

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