10 Unique Wedding Venues


Have you ever considered getting married in a teepee? What about an ice castle?

When you set out to plan your wedding, many brides choose to go more of a traditional route and choose a church, ballroom, or hotel as their venue.

What may not immediately come to mind, however is the more non-traditional wedding venues. Many of us would not give either of these venues a second thought, but there are some brides that choose to be very non-traditional and look for the different and unique in all aspects of life, including their wedding day.

If you dare to be different, and would consider a castle, ice house, or cave, we have found 12 unique wedding venues that you may fall in love with and inspire you to think outside the box for your own wedding. Enjoy!


Venue: The Inn at West Settlement Image Courtesy of: The Inn at West Settlement


Venue: Cockliffe Country House Hotel  Courtesy of: One Wed Via Ammy Lam Photography

Venue: Cocord Point Lighthouse Image Courtesy of: Destination Wedding Magazine

Venue: Bulgari Hotel Image Courtesy of: Bulgari Hotels

Venue: The Seattle Aquarium Image Courtesy of: Intimate Weddings via Ron Soliman Photography

Venue: Infinity Ovation Yacht Charters Image Courtesy of: Detroit Yacht Wedding

Venue: Hatley Castle Image Courtesy of: Wedding Elation

Venue: Swedish Ice Hotel Image Courtesy of: Intimate Wedding Magazine

Venue: Image Courtesy of: Wedding Party App Via: Marianne Taylor PhotographyAsianArtMuseum

Venue: Asian Art Museum Image Courtesy of: Style Me Pretty







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