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Why You Should Never Put Ice Cubes In Wine

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It is commonly believed that putting ice cubes in your wine is a faux pas; watering down and diluting the flavours of the wine.

In Decanter’s ‘Confessions of a Sommelier’ series, putting ice cubes into white wine was often cited as the ‘most annoying customer habit’.

However, several wineries have released wines to be served with ice, including Moët Ice Impérial Rosé NV launched earlier this year.

In some Mediterranean countries, it is also becoming more common to be offered ice when served white or rosé wine on restaurant terraces.

Peter Richards MW said, ‘My take is: do whatever you want with your wine as long as it makes you happy! That’s what wine’s for, after all.

‘But, unless you’re drinking super-fast, the ice will melt and dilute the wine and it won’t taste as good.’

Richards recommends putting a few grapes in your freezer instead, and then putting frozen grapes in your glass of wine.

‘If you pop these in your glass, it will chill the wine without diluting it.’

Decanter’s international tastings director, Christelle Guibert, said that she ‘is not a fan of putting ice cubes in wine’ whatever the circumstance.

‘There are many ways to cool down your wine very quickly, so no need to dilute the wine with water.’

Guibert recommends the Corkcicle wine chiller, which you keep in your freezer, then slot into your wine bottle when you’re ready and it cools the wine as it pours.

When chilling your wine in advance, Richards also said, ‘Don’t forget this applies to reds in warm weather too – stick them in the fridge for 20 mins before serving’.
Source : www.decanter.com

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