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Why do women hate women?


This question has been on my mind and I hate the topic but it is something i must talk about.

Naturally everyone can’t love everyone the same way but everyone deserves a silent respect as human beings, but (gender-lly) if there is any word like that; Men respect each-other when they meet and they are like “Hey guy, my name is Micheal sup?Gbam! conversation starts, but we ladies are full of ourselves we are like, “she better say hi first because I am not her mate” and then if the other one says, hi am Sandy, she might be like hmm hmm so, let me give her the high nose face so she go know say our level no be the same!


These feelings are suspected to have come out of Competition like you think you are competing for the guy standing close to you because some ladies don’t respect themselves or other ladies properties, There was a gist on Lindaikeji’s blog about how another girl was calling someone else’s man her boo, while another lady fighting for women to respect other women relationship (if he is your friend don’t go boo booing in public especially when you know his girl will be reading all this)

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It could also be from Jealousy; jealous much, control it because you don’t know what is behind that smile, the white range she is driving or all that tears she had to shade before the make-up found her face. You are not the most beautiful girl and the other is not too. Both be grateful for your gift and move on with a smile.


It also can come out of Fear, this lady is stealing my man’s attention and throwing herself at him, here we have all this kind of ladies who won’t respect themselves or others and be throwing stupid cheap signals at other ladies men and those men who lack self-control and respect for their women catch the signal and spoil the good thing that he was building.

Here is a picture of two elderly women blocking the road just because of the hate feeling most women feel for their fellow woman. They both refuse to reverse for each other, thereby obstructing traffic. The way you feel is important but don’t let negative feelings affect your actions. Do the good you have to do and ignore that feeling that says you must act negative to a fellow lady.


For me I believe all women can get along, all we need to do is respect other lady’s corner and face our business. And if we can remove the sick and twisted mentally from negative ages that women can’t get along or must fight then we are good to go. You might not click with a fellow lady but you don’t have to have that feeling of hate or attitude. Let’s lady love rule our heart. I love my Owambe ladies.

If you have had any sad experience on this matter, please share.

Now tell us why you think women hate women and what can be done about it?


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  1. 1

    personally i feel its a natural hidden battle… which is been caused by envy or competitive character …. its a terrible war i dnt knw if there is a solution to.

  2. 2

    women naturally have this hateful thing within them, it only takes d love of God to have a kind heart….meanwhile having one wnt hurt no one rather it makes d world a better place,
    am never surprised when i hear babes saying “biko lemme respect myself” cnt greet first and all that …..meanwhile the other lady jus has pure complex.

  3. 3
  4. 4

    Intelligence, Beauty, Handwork ethic, mean girls, confidence, dress to impress, weight, strong personality and all of des actually prompt women to hate themselves. *just sayin*

  5. 5
  6. 6

    It beats my imagination why a woman will hate another woman for no justifiable reason(s). Hardly will you find anyone of them giving a cogent reason why she hates the other. This is an agelong mystery science is yet to unravel. Thank God I am a man. Mcheeeew.

  7. 7

    it is really crazy this has been something i have not only noticed but battled with for years. i cant seem to comprehend the hatred woman have for one another….we cant fight for ourselves instead we derive joy fighting one another.i pray we overcome this barrier and learn to embrace and appreciate ourselves.

  8. 8
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  10. 10

    I think we are missing the point here….If i see a fellow woman and not say hi to her, it doesn’t mean i hate her, There are lot of men and women i actually don’t say hi to and i don’t have any concrete reason for that. I just think its a general human thingy.

  11. 12

    Well… in all honesty i beg to disagree with the idea that the whole hatred or “beef thing” as it were is limited or more particular to the female gender. The reason for this is not far-fetched as we draw examples daily from both guys and ladies alike who just hate anoda fellow for no reason in particular. Guys might appear a little more flexible, but that does not suggest that they have a purer heart or are less guilty of the topic at hand. Bottomline we all must learn to make an allowance in our heart for peoples excesses no matter how difficult cos there in lies Love.

    • 13

      I totally agree with you Exceller but the light seems to be shining more on the negative parts of females more than males.

  12. 14

    It beats my imagination why this issue still lingers. It’s inferiority complex, i’m better than you, beefing, secretly i wish i were you, can’t handle being near a confident female… i could go on and on. ENOUGH SAID. All the babes out there holding onto another babes man. Change your ways even though it takes two to tango. On a last note. Any man that can be taken by another babe while still with you doesn’t deserve your love except you’re married with kids.

    • 15
    • 16
      • 17

        It all boils down to the woman’s decision, it takes two to tangle a=but if the husband is not willing to change then she can leave but our law is shitty forgive my language meaning the woman gets to cater for the kids still.

  13. 18

    If men could also help and focus on their lady, not being distracted by cheap looks so their lady will not have to have a bitter mind.

  14. 19

    I wish I have an opinion on this matter, but since am not female, to understand that unstable chemistry constantly at war within, I will rather hold my mouth. Also, last time I checked, the book on `How to understand a woman`, was 300,000 pages, out of stock, still being reviewed and a dead Author from brain fag. Bye bye

  15. 20

    the bible says the heart of man is desperately wicked, its well …. we sisters have 2 remember 2 have eachoders back…

  16. 21

    Hmmm… Don’t even know how much to say on this, cos you hit the topic quite well. Great article! I must say.
    The fact remains that, this battle remains an innate thing with women.
    I have had this repeated sort of friction that results anytime I am accompanied by a lady to another for any form of service, where the one rendering the service begins to act envious & the one with me acting so fly… Lols

    So funny that women like to intimidate themselves than they do to men. They wear expensive accessories only to impress their women folk, cos we men don’t even know which is which…

    This is a complex battle to put a stop to. If you would put an end to it. Then I bet you are the needed expert to bring a lasting solution to the boko-haram and other insurgencies around the world…. My bad (Lols)

  17. 23

    Women naturally are never satisfied with what they have, as a result they feel inferior when another girl is blessed with what they are not. It all boils down to complex if not tell me why a girl would want an Xtra butt, eye lashes, breast, nail etc. If girls wud b appreciative n celebrate odas it might help a little.

  18. 24
  19. 25

    To the Ladies, Surround yourselves with girlfriends that push you to be and do better. No Drama or Mess. Just Higher Goals & High Heels. No Jealousy or Shade. Good Times & Positive Energy. Simply bringing out the absolute Best in each other

  20. 27
  21. 29
  22. 30
  23. 31
  24. 32

    Anyday anytime lady’s gotta av each other’ s back, however you make sumone feel matters alot because u never can tell what a fellow lady needs to hear at that moment to improve herself or become a better person yeah!as sharp as d mouth is u should always control. for those with the inferiority complex get out of it set a level for yourself nd move out of it even though it requires stepping on toes…lol *kidding*

  25. 34

    My friend Christy makes it an habit to tell at least one girl a day that she is beautiful and when i ask her why she says to boost her confidence, i think as a lady i will buy this routine and if you think it will do a lot of good then lets help each other feel good.

  26. 35
  27. 36

    For me…
    I believe one may not exactly immediately click with all n sundry but no matter the first impression you get about anyone at all, you have to be able to control yourself and portray the right attitude. Afterall, not everyone may also exactly love u at first sight.
    There’s no use getting judgemental or rude to someone u know so little about.
    A good name is better than silver n gold n so is a good attitude. If you do not control us thoughts you’ll have too many haters very soon. You may not want to imagine what ur present best friend, boss or husband was thinking the first time they met you… Trust me!
    The world is for all of us to coexist so it’s no use wishing people would disappear to Jupiter when God has to put up with all sorts of people and things, we must learn. It starts with thinking you are better than someone else. Truth is… no one is better than the other. One is beauty but no brains, one is brains not fine, one is beauty n brains with big spiritual issues so I don’t wish to be anyone.
    Measure by God’s standard that says Each person should not consider himself or herself better than another but have respect for each other.
    So d next time you see a fellow woman n check out her hair, makeup, hip size,height… know that u are myopic and your yardstick of measurement is just lame. U may want to get to know her n she could be the best person u ever met…

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