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Why are men so cheap, why is it so easy to get them to pull down their pants?



My husband has not touched me for weeks and I think he is having an affair and I am horny and dying for a man’s touch. Have made several attempts but still he looks the other way claiming he is busy or needs rest. I have needs and when I go out a lot of men look at me with lust, I am sexy and a mother of two and still got a body of a model.

On this day I was so horny I could not take it any more I put on a dress and walked over to the other compound opposite our new built house. I knocked and a man answered; well he is okay, i didn’t have time to check if he is my kind of man intelligently he opened and I said I just parked in and am bored so can you keep me company and he smiled and let me in.  He offered me a cup of water and that was how we got into it. Now I don’t bother my husband since I have a man across the street to satisfy me when I call. (This is a confession of a house wife who have been unfaithful)


Several house wives have given the story of their affairs with neighbors or service men in their homes. It’s just too easy for them to find a bed mate unlike their husbands who have to use money and fake promises. This stories and many other who called to ask what is a man’s price to get into his pant?

I read about a story of a 63 year old woman (Marie Calvert) who slept with 3000 men it’s funny and I wonder why she went that far; it’s not special especially when what you are achieving is free and cheap. A smile and a wink gets one there. My question is do men have a price?


You want a lady, you take are out, or woo her with your big talk, wealth or ambition yeah that is a price but what is the price of a man?

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  1. 1

    i still think thr are descent men out thr….. although we ave very few of do women as they like as they see them as an accessory or trophy acquired like cars and houses.

    • 2

      lol, trophy, cars and houses . true they objectify women most of them but should one not be able to say i will put down my pant if she is this or that.

  2. 3

    Just dress smartly and I am all yours. You need to smell and talk good too. In the final analysis don’t we all have one price or the other?

  3. 5
  4. 6

    The only price for men is, the Lady should Talk Smart, Dress Smart, Intelligent (only for the intelligent guys)… But for those other guys out there, anything goes for them……

  5. 8

    Oh isnt that a good thing, men are the CHEAPEST, we can play them anytime we want, they are just like cheap candy. Lmao…..

  6. 10
  7. 11
  8. 12

    I think nature has made it so….for eve was created for adam,,, and u do not expect eve to made a demand and adam to turn down.
    But there are still decent men out there that could still stand with their shoulders high.

    • 13

      lol, so you are saying that men are meant to do all what women demands of them. i demand you give me all the money in your account lol.

  9. 14

    Men are so cheap it’s disgusting, even if a lady wears jalabia dey still want her. A man can even sleep with a mad lady if he’s horny. They have refused to learn to control their urges, anything they see is appealing to them and they go about boasting to their friends like it’s the Grammies they won, that’s why men sleep with prostitutes even when they know she’s been with lots of other men. They are just stupidly cheap but they think it’s a privilege cos it has been imbibed in them from a young age, thinking it’s ok to never forgo any opportunity that rears it’s head in a woman. Rubbish!!!

  10. 16

    its nt jes women o, dese men wud go after ANYTHING wiv d appearance of a doesnt matter if its a fly jes as long as it looks evn a bit lyk a woman. lol. on a serious note tho, i do knw dia r men wiv high sense of dignity n so wudnt stoop so low as to cheapen demselves.. i use ‘cheapen’ ere cos its wt it is. And to fink dey fink of some ladies as cheap forgetting dt no matter how small d price, dese ”supposedly” cheap ladies do v a price whereas they on d other gv FOC…smh…#ironical#. Agn, nt all of dem r guilty as charged.

  11. 18

    Smile…….. Adam who was the first man in d bible fell for a woman, Samson couldn’t resist the beauty of Delilah and the rest is history. It takes a man who is full with the holy spirit n understand the word of God will be able to resist the threat of a woman when it comes to having sex. Only God will help men…

  12. 20

    You know this matter cannot be concluded on earth because you all are entitled to your own opinions, so hold a bit we will get to heaven, then get ready and ask God. Also, talking of cheap, many girls will jump at this to console themselves for being regarded as cheap in the past and even presently. Anyways, una no create una self, relax, have a bit of self control, despite the constant hormones reacting to nature. At least by so doing you might count yourself in particular as not being cheap, added to the folks that are not cheap too. Cheers

  13. 21

    Hmn!hmn! Relationship matters ….. Men can’t be understood. A man who is an MD of a bank will easily sleep with your house-help or others and deny the wife of sex for years and he’s happy torturing the wife… We women long for the passion,sex and adventure with our husbands to last for ever. Take the case of a woman driving her husband to the hospital for treatment and her husband starts having an affair with one of the doctors and he sends his wife packing. Men have no price. What interests them is girls b and b. Enough said.

  14. 22

    Hmmmm… I think we should understand that the biological make-up of men is different from that of women and as such a woman can easily control her urge, a man can be moved by ur voice or what he sees whereby a woman can be irritated by seeing a man’s nudity. All human beings need self control and the Spirit of God provides that. Men who are not discipline or lack self control can run about with anything with a hole in it. As bad is sleep with a man woman if no one was watching, all of such begins with early refusal to control one’s urge and contain oneself.
    Think of hell fire, Aids, Stds that could kill, abortion and murder and forget moments of dead pleasure.
    The bible says a man that can control himself is stronger that a man that takes over a city. Pray for self control, it is a fruit of the Spirit.

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