We Like the beards



Guys get in here!!! Quick!

Yeah we like the beards, the thickness and fullness of the beard. How tempted we get to stroke “the beards”, the wool like textures that grows from the end of His nose to the tip of His chin and fallen softly in love.

Our attraction can be pinned down to the way we associate beards with masculinity, ruggedness and assertion which implies that by contrast we see “beardless” men as less masculine, less mature and not necessarily rugged.


Based on findings it’s confirmed that beardedness affects judgments of male socio-sexual attributes and suggest that an immediate level of beardedness is most attractive while full-bearded men may be perceived as better fathers who could protect and invest in offspring.

“Facial hair may have been sexually selected by females on the basis of associated male success, despite its threatening appearance. Clean-shaven faces therefore may suggest appeasement, as well as being an obvious sign of sexual immaturity.


While this absolutely makes sense to me, I know that there are some women who no matter how rare or common a full beard, they always prefer a clean-shaven man. And those who no matter the hour prefer facial hair. I for one have always preferred a man who is a little clean shaven but not overly groomed. A man should look like a man, and a full beard is one of if not the ultimate symbol of masculinity.  While I find men without facial hair also attractive, I must admit that these days when I walk into a room, I will look first for a member of the beard gang and only entertain the hair-frees in dire situations.



I guess the point of this article was to validate my preference for beards and reveal that there might be some science to our obsession. Does that mean we will turn down a man because his follicles are under-performing? No ladies. Why? Because we are better than that. A woman once compared a clean shaven man to a mannequin, although absolutely hilarious, the comparison is unfair especially as we are far more than aesthetics.  However, men you have been warned and the science only validates our attraction to beards, so grow one! #beardgang


Adesola Sofodu

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  1. 1

    wow! …… thought no 1 will ever understand my love for them….. am quite obsessed as it shows some level of sexuality and maturity am i the only one on this?

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    Wait…. works like magic… just stroke em’ at any point in time …. he always feels in charge … sensual sexuality …

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    I’m personally indifferent abt clean shaved or bearded men, but Iv had an experience with a cute bearded man ,when headed me ehn! I was in cloud 9. Cos d beards just give it an extra touch of sensuality during d act. U shud try a bearded man once in a while. Wink

  13. 16

    i appreciate the beards thingy…. alot but at the same time lets not shove aside the clean shaven men…. lol @ A woman once compared a clean shaven man to a mannequin

  14. 17

    Well…for me m indifferent. I think a man is cool with or without d beards. Or maybe cos av never dated a man beards but I think it looks cool

  15. 18

    i had to beg a friend to please leave the beard for my sake, and he asks for permission before doing any trimmings……how i love it huh

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