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Trays, Coolers And Other Gifts You Shouldn’t Present At A Wedding


Every thing about weddings is changing. Unlike in the past, some brides now have a second and even third dress, bridesmaids/groomsmen now double as choreographers, reception parties now go on almost endlessly, more food is now available(don’t lie, were there small chops and dessert at weddings back in the day?) among many other changes. While couples are going all the way with the aforementioned, it is only right, that guests up the wedding gifts game too!

Weddings aren’t what they used to be back in the day, so wedding gifts should not be. The following items do not belong in this decade, except your conscience is on recession, so they have no business being wedding gifts except the couple sold expensive aso-ebi and forced you to buy  or the bride/groom is your ex whom you had a nasty break-up with.

Food Coolers/Warmers

Except the bride is a caterer, leave food coolers out.


Stainless Steel Pots

We all know these are great for home-made party jollof, but that’s not enough reason to gift it to a couple. Trust me, if party jollof means so much to them, chances are that they already own enough.



Glass Cups a.k.a. Tumblers

No please. Just no!



Wall Clock

I don’t even remember seeing one in recent times. The couple will be fine without yours.



Round Stainless Steel Trays

See ehn, just don’t. Biko. Especially those 555 ones.



Apart from the usual microwave, refridgerator, washing machine,  juice extractor options, here are more wedding gift ideas that you should consider giving.

Food Processor

Apart from its known uses which include slicing/chopping vegetables and grinding items like nuts, seeds (e.g. spices) or meat,  a food processor can also make fluffy pounded yam among these and many other uses Google will tell you if you ask.



Air Fryers

Although, air fryers are more expensive than deep fryers, they are a healthier option as they don’t dunk food into hot vats of oil and although your food will be placed into a basket with the air fryer, it’s coated with a small amount of oil. Air fryers are convenient, reliable and low-maintenance. They are also smaller in size and have a lower cooking capacity compared to deep fryers which is perfect for newlyweds!





Diffusers help improve your health, increase your energy, sleep better, repel insects and elevate your mood, thus making them the perfect wedding gift especially if ‘omugwo’ is to be done in nine months(for those who want). A diffuser currently costs about N68,000.




Non-stick Pots and Pans

We’re in a sharp-sharp generation. Technology has advanced so far that we don’t like to suffer. It doesn’t reduce the wife or husband material, A set of non-stick pots or pans ranges from N10,000 to N30,000 and even higher. Your choice depends on the fatness of your bank account. I even heard recently of a set of ‘de-starching’ pots that go for about N1million!



Satin Bed Sheets and Pillowcases

You probably already know that satin pillowcases are great for natural hair. What you may not have heard, is that satin bed sheets help refresh the skin, and provide comfort as they generally feel soft on the skin. They do not stick to warm or damp skin, thus aiding rest.



Last I checked, a yard of satin cost less than N1,000. A tailor would be able to tell how much of it you need and sew it into beddings for you.


Couple’s Choice

Many couples have a list of items they would want as wedding gifts, so it would be thoughtful of you to ask them directly. Otherwise, some intending couples have a website (created specially for the wedding) where you might be able to find a list of gifts they would like. This should help you decide.



If all else fails, give the couple dollars money.





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