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The Top 5 Socks for Men With Smelly Feet


Be the freshest guy in the room with these five pairs.

Being plagued with foul-smelling feet can be just plain humiliating. Even while they’re still sealed inside your shoes they can stink up an entire room. And let’s face it: whether you’re at the office or on a date, no one wants to be that guy. But, aside from polishing up your hygiene habits, upgrading your socks is a simple solution.

Believe it or not, sweat isn’t what causes body odor. The aroma occurs when the bacteria on your skin combines with sweat and evaporates into the air. “Shoes and socks make it more difficult for the sweat to evaporate,” reports Medical News Today, “giving the bacteria more sweat to break down into smelly substances.”

There are certain socks, though, that are crafted with special “anti-microbial” materials that kill and prevent the growth of bacteria and ultimately ward off rough odors. So rather than buying the standard 6-pack you see on the shelves at mega-stores, stock up on these five pairs instead.

Adidas – 3-Stripe 3 Pack Low Cut Socks

New Balance – No Show with Coolmax 2 Pack 


Under Armour – Launce No Show 


Rhone – Silvertech No Show Socks


Lululemon – No Show Sock


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