Natural Hair Style: The Roll, Tuck and Pin



A lot of ladies would like to rock their natural hair in different attractive ways like a relaxed hair, or like they do with weaves. Of course, your hairdresser can’t come and style it each morning, and ladies generally don’t have more than maybe 10 minutes for hair styling each morning, so they need something that is quick, easy, fine, and if possible can last for the whole week with  minimal stress.

Natural Cosmopolitan brings to us tutorials and descriptions on how to find a perfect hairstyle that will suit you.

Today’s hairstyle is the roll-tuck-pin, also known as Ridges. It’s a very simple hairstyle to do, and takes about 10 minutes in total. All you do is part your hair into a few horizontal sections.


This photo shows 7, but you can do more if you like. Stretch out the hair in each section and roll it up like you would a mat. Use one or two pins to hold your roll in place, and move to the next section.

Don’t be afraid to use as many hair pins as you may need to hold it in place. It can be done on an old twist-out or wash-and-go, or on freshly washed hair (But you may need to stretch it first).

Watch how to Roll,tuck and pin your hair here

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