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Like A Girl

Like a girl

Like a girl

Never will humanity be mentioned without feminism which was and still is the major part of continuity.

But after the fruit that was eaten by Adam and Eve; due to Adam’s ego where he made his wife a full house wife when God instructed that they should work hand in hand and multiply. Now the Ego continues with wickedness of striping women of their pride, value, respect and worst of all themselves.

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A woman is the greatest gift to humanity,but men from Adam tried to make her feel less of herself but I guess it was out of too much love or should we call it lust which made him restrict her and kept her home, he never made her realize who she really was; her ability, her strength, weakness, gift, talents. He stole her purpose and rewrote it. This is a guess, I guess God was coming to tell him to allow her work with him so he can be comfortable with the true nature of woman (eve) but then the deed had been done and poor eve had to deal with ego plus wicked heart from the fruit they ate. I can only imagine the horror. Unfortunately it still continues…..a female child is being castigated especially in Africa though lots of changes have been going on but the objectification of females by most men is too much. Saying it’s too much is an understatement so let me search for the synonyms of much ok I saw abundant, plentiful but still not enough to describe this horror women face this days, a baby girl being raped or an elderly woman, imagine a father destroying his daughter’s childhood or a house of assembly state man trying to force such wickedness in Nigeria.

Anyway back to the reason of the article being a girl is not defined on weakness but a strength found where not expected just like David killing goliath, Jesus Christ coming from Nazareth. This is one of the reasons God never wanted Adam or Eve to eat the fruit because of the way men will treat and objectify women.

Let’s be ourselves we have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ, so run with the strength you have within you, throw with the might you truly have, fight with the passion inside you,Learn from the Always Like a girl campaign video on youtube, fight for what you love that you are a girl.  #LikeAGirl


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    Great article. My take here is that, all that happened in the garden of Eden as referenced in your article was just a beginning of the history of mankind. Adam was still very naive about it all at the time. He knew nothing or less on how to care for a woman and so I believe it was during the learning process to build the experience (which is always in any case a process) the serpent came to wreck the havoc. They (Eve & Adam) were not able to resist the serpent at the time.

    This goes to tell that we should be mindful in taking steps as we make progress in any new thing. Know the rules and strive to live the rules, so you don’t get deceived into living out’ a the rules.

  4. 4

    I dnt completely agree with it all. Adam did not inslave or oppress Eve God gave , instuction in Gen. 3:16 dat the woman will be subject 2 her husband, its also in the book of Eph 5, and in 2 chor.

    • 5

      God said she wld be subject to her husband because of the crime she committed by eating the fruit n giving it to her husband but if Christ who has redeemed us by His blood already then she no longer have to be subject but partner just as God as always wanted it.Genesis 3:16

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    “…but men from Adam tried to make her feel less of herself but I guess it was out of…… should we call it lust which made him restrict her and kept her home, he never made her realize who she really was; her ability, her strength, weakness, gift, talents”

    Was God’s creation and design faulted from day1 even before the fruit was eaten?

    I don’t think so. Not a bad read, but please don’t date it back to Adam.

    • 8

      I agree with you sister, I believe it was out of love he thought it was best to keep her home, we hardly see that Gods way is the best.

  7. 9

    We need our Ladies to come out real! We are who we are, no one can change it! #LikeAGirl ……Thumbs up Super Cele!

  8. 10

    Well my Bible calls as many thats believes in God as the sons of God so we are all sons of God,no discrimination. A lady isnt a slave but a helpmate,a help mate is someone that can render help so in other words ladies are of extreme need to men,no man without a woman cos he has a missing rib that has to be filled. I am sharon,i am a woman and I am proud to be one.

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    Yes dear, without women, i wonder what life and love would look like. I thank God that today most women have realised their worth and are living according to God’s purpose for their lives.

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    Women are the backbone of every society, individually speaking, I think the true value of womanhood is deteriorating in this our modern day era, it’s high time women stood up and fight for their rights…..nice article

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    Life cannot be sweet without a woman. A female has great capacity and has varying status depending on where she is located. God’s way is for a woman to be subject(submissive) to a man but not as a slave or mere servant. And it’s a must for a man to always consider a woman’s view though not necessarily accepted against Adam’s position of taking the fruit from Eve.
    Kudos Celestine! A nice one

  16. 19

    I think dis write up is a wakeup call for d babes to become more responsible. Adam never enslaved eve, he was abt his business nd eve fell to d sin of iresponsibility. If she had agreed to help adam while he was at work as d help meet dat she is, den I am sure dere would have been no opportunity for d devil to engage her.
    If d familyis wonderful, d praise goes to d woman. If its bad, d woman. So all women should brace Up nd help d men else d society will soon become a. Bitter place to stay.
    The men needs ur help.
    Super Cele……. Keep it up.

    • 20

      God have given us a purpose and we do it for God not men cause if its for them with all this many disappointments, it will discourage all women.

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    Women should rise up and B responsible in love. Prov 31 says it all. Nobody can push u aside if u try to b dis prov 31 woman. Read and adjust urself for d development of d society depends on u. Believe it or nt, u have got work to do. Help D men to fix things. Dats who u are..

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    This is controversial. However, in your conclusion; …we have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ.. Meaning, its also a womans world.
    Again, Philipians 4:13; I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

  20. 24

    Awesome article!! Thumbs up! Buh just thinking out loud,.. Super Cele.. How on. Earth wud u know dat d almighty was on his way 2 enlighten adam on allowing eve work with him?? Lol..

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