Just got engaged, what’s next?




Time to pop the champagne! And of course take some time to share your big news with those closest to you. It may be that your family could decide to host an engagement party for you, or that you are just receiving congratulatory gifts, either way, soak up everywhere with the excitement and positivity!

Take Stock of What you Love

Getting to Know You with your soon-to-be! Talk about colors you settle towards, experiences you would love to give your guests, foods you love, and vibes you appreciate. Just talk and get to know each other even well.

Make a Spreadsheet

Create a few spreadsheets to keep track of some of the most important details regarding your “big day”. Sort by column for each venue visits, notes, vendors you are interested in, and potential guests you would like to invite. Also, highlight what details are most important to you both. Handling what details matter most to you early will help you navigate where you will spend and where you will want to save.

Do not Make Any Hasty Decisions

Breathe! Remember that the decisions you make will be hard to go back on so after you’ve booked your venue, take time to thoughtfully navigate all of the tougher decisions.

Get Organized

You need updates, planning Tools, either offline or online. These help you stay organized. Thereafter, you can purchase a wedding binder to hold contracts, fabric swatches, sketches any anything tangible that will aid with your planning process.

Determine a BallparkBudget

It is important to establish a budget with your fiancé and both families.

Weddings can be very expensive, so it’s best to plan this early and establish a budget that makes everyone comfortable. Once the budget is definite, you can start assigning funds to different aspects of the wedding and officially start the planning process!

Get Inspired

Browse inspirational wedding websites. Take time to indulge in all the beautiful wedding photos and planning tips. By looking through and taking note of inspirational shots and ideas, you will be able to figure out the exact vibe, theme and style you want for your special day.

Plan a Weekly Date Night

Reconnecting each week to talk about anything except wedding planning is very important to maintaining peace in your relationship during your wedding planning period.

Book and confirm your venue

Book the location, before signing with any of your vendors. It is important to have the framework for your special day before you select the key characters that will make your wedding memorable. Also, a lot of the fun wedding details (like your dress!) are so specific to your venue. If there is a vendor you know for a fact you would like to work with, I would suggest you book and confirm the agreed date for your event.

Remember that Planning is Part of the Wedding

Your wedding is not just about that one day; that one night. It is about shaping with your closest friends, lunches with your families, connecting with the one you love in a bigger way. The planning process is as much a part of your wedding as the day of, so make it count and make it fun.

Planning determines how successful your event will be. Booking and confirming each vendor is Key.

It’s our mission at to make your planning process stress-free!

Plan Now, Book Now!

Happy Planning!


By Adetola Sofodu

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    Getting engaged is d biggest step of ur life. All u do henceforth, all ur thots,all ur decisions,all ur conclusions isn’t about u anymore but the 2 of U. U must plan,and plan and dat day be happy. Its a day u wil neva forget for the rest of ur do something that wil make u look back and be fulfilled. Don’t forget to dance….*smile*

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    Well said. Good planning and forcasting for the wedding. Every brides dreams. The bridegroom is most concern about the plans and forcasts of the marriage. This is the chemistry of the matrimony. Enough said.

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