How to Use Photos of Your Event to Sell More Tickets

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When it comes to promoting your event, a picture is worth way more than a thousand words. With ticket-buyers of all ages searching for meaningful and memorable experiences, sharing photos that capture the energy and atmosphere of your event may be the best way to convince them to press “buy.”

So where should you be sharing your photos to reach the right audience? To find out, we’re breaking down the basics of this photo-sharing tool — Instagram. Read on to learn how this platform stack up and how to use to give your event the right exposure.



Instagram is a vibrant social platform, where users interact with photos by liking or commenting on them. One of the app’s most powerful features is its tagging mechanism, called a “hashtag,” which surfaces your photo to the right subgroup of Instagram’s more than 500 million users. With over 90% of users falling under the age of 30, Instagram is the best platform for promoting your event to a younger crowd.

Posting a photo on Instagram is simple – just open the app, select or take a photo, edit it with Instagram’s custom tools, add a hashtag, and share it with your followers. You can even tag a specific geolocation so your snap will show up in searches for that spot. Images can only be uploaded to Instagram one by one, and only from your mobile phone, so don’t plan on posting dozens of event photos to Instagram at once. Instead, pick your best photos to post on-the-go or as you capture them. Read on for more tips for making the most out of Instagram!

What should you use Instagram for?

  • Reaching and engaging potential attendees – Instagram users love interacting with photos and videos by commenting, liking, and sharing them with their friends. This is great news for your event — and for your ticket sales. Post the right photo and you could be reaching some of your most vocal and engaged attendees! Instagram users search the app for specific “hashtags” to find content that aligns with their interests. To capture the attention of event-goers, add relevant hashtags in the captions of your photos, like #musicfestivals or #LAColorRun2016. To make the most out of your #hashtags, check out the basics of creating and using them here before moving on to more advanced tips and tricks.
  • Branding and event hype – Do you host a recurring event? On Thursdays, use the “Throwback Thursday” hashtag or #tbt on images from previous years to establish your brand, generate hype, and get attendees excited for this year’s event. Hosting an event for the first time? Post photos of your event planning and prep to give attendees a backstage look at your process.
  • Sharing photos and videos on the day of the event – Earlier this year, Instagram introduced a feature called “Stories,” which lets you post content that disappears in 24 hours. On the days leading up to your event, post to your Instagram Story to get ticket-holders excited for the experience and to sway those on the fence to finally press “purchase.” On the day of the event, take advantage of Stories to post live photos and video to show those at home what they’re missing. Want to learn more about Stories? Check out this handy dandy guide on making the most out of Instagram Stories for your event.


Source: www.eventbrite.com

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