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Hi-powered Tech Gifts To Swoon Over This Season


Forget about gift cards, candles, books or wine this holiday season. Get your friends and family something they’ll remember.

Retailer Hammacher Schlemmer has some ideas. From hovercrafts to 24th century time machines, this company offers wacky, outrageous, one-of-a-kind gifts that will make anyone’s holiday that much better.

Spice up your gift-giving this year. Check out some of the most outrageous gifts from Hammacher Schlemmer.


Invite your closest friends and family for a social joyride on this seven-seater tricycle. Each rider has a set of pedals that operate simultaneously, while one person leads the way steering the bike and controlling the brake system. Offered in a variety of colors, the bike also features headlights and adjustable seating.

It’s no wonder this bike was created for companies such as Google and Cirque du Soleil — it’s perfect for team building. The bike is priced at $20,000.


Take your gaming skills up a notch. This three-dimensional, interactive labyrinth orb challenges a person’s dexterity and puts their strategizing skills to the test. As you steer your way through the 3-D maze, which includes a number of complex obstacles, a player guides the marble to the end point.  For $40,000, up to six players can compete and the orb’s difficulty can be customized.


This 24th century time machine combines the idea of interstellar travel and time, and measures time in the future. The machine suggests there is a remote station located in the void of space, which helps it predicts time on a central dome. Using “laser cannons” and a radar dish, hours and minutes are recorded. For $35,500, you can start learning about the future.


Here’s a five-star bar experience available in the comfort of your own home. And the best part — you don’t have to mix drinks. The robotic bartender features a touchscreen that lets you select a cocktail from a 600-drink database. Users can even invent their own concoctions. For $25,000, you can add this futuristic machine to your home or workplace.


From gutter balls to splits, for some of us, bowling doesn’t come naturally. Now there’s a new way to play. The human bowling ball game lets players become the ball. The inflatable game has a player get inside the ball where they run forward to knock down five tall foam pins. For $5,500, you can become a real “baller.”

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