For Women 5 beautiful ways to surprise your partner


Let’s jump right into it.

In what beautiful ways can you surprise your partner and have his mind melting with more love for you?

The list might be seemingly endless depending on the personality of the partners and how deep the relationship has gone or not.

Whatever the case, these 5 ideas rarely ever fail to surprise men and earn their partners extra love-points.

Unplanned dates

A random phone-call to him while he’s still at work, telling him to meet you someplace at some particular time.

When he shows up, spoil him silly. Now watch that happy smile light up his face. (Dine Wine)

When he shows up, spoil him silly.

When he asks what the occasion is, tell him it’s nothing, you just wanted to surprise him.

Now watch that happy smile light up his face.

Order him lunch randomly

Do this on the most unexpected days, and catch him off guard. The surprise element itself will satisfy him just as much as the meal.

Leave him personalised sweet love notes in secret places that he’ll keep stumbling on. (Pinterest)

Love notes

Leave him love notes in the most hidden places.

The point is to surprise him, even if he does not get to see the notes immediately, he surely will.

You could also act out his sexual fantasy when he least expects it (The Telegraph)

Act out his fantasy [ies]

If he’s told you his wildest sexual fantasy and you have no qualms about it, why not do it.

During one of your intimate moments, act out the fantasy. The surprise will make it more fun for both of you.

And of course, there’s an extra thrill for you – you surprised your partner with something that made him happy.

Leave him a treasure hunt that will lead to something really treasurable. (Wikihow)

Leave him a treasure hunt

Plant a trail of papers with instructions at several locations in the house or  apartment.

Where the hunt leads him to could be his favourite meal, his favourite chocolate bar or it could lead to you waiting for him in the bedroom in some new sexy-as-hell lingerie. [wink wink]

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