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Latest Trends in Conference Stage Design


Long gone are the times when spectacular event stage designs were reserved only for concerts, shows and entertainment events. They have invaded even the types of events considered as the most formal and unimaginative ones like conferences, corporate and business events. Luckily so, since event stage design could totally transform the feel of any event increasing its impact and making it stick to people’s minds. Set design companies and AV providers have become real magicians in turning a simple stage into a compelling and fascinating experience that keeps attendees actively engaged. Below, you could find the latest trends in conference

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The Importance Of AV And Lightning For Your Next Conference


  When we started making initial plans for our inaugural OFFLINE Summit, our CMO, Alexandra, and I knew that one of the first decisions we would have to make was picking the perfect event venue for our conference. After we decided upon the Gelsey Kirkland Academy in Brooklyn, we looked for someone to help us with custom lighting and AV to make the venue represent our brand’s look and feel, and so that our attendees would have a great experience absorbing all of our top-notch content throughout the day. Once we began our search, we were surprised to learn about all of

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How To Keep Your Lights Running In Tip-Top Shape


If you want your lights to live a nice, long, happy life, it’s important to take great care of them. So, whether you own or take care of someone else’s gear, here’s how to get it done! Taking Care of Your Fixtures and Consoles Lighting fixtures do the difficult work of actually putting out the wonderful light that we see on stage. If you’re doing lighting in a installed environment, the great news is that you’re not going to be putting a lot of wear and tear on your fixtures. In fact, most of the time you really don’t need

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