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Get Rid of That Bra Bulge with These Moves

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There’s this big night coming up, you’ve been dieting for a while to rock in that dress, the big night comes and you find that you have this bulge of fat hanging below your bra strap, above it and even within the back strap…that just kills your motivation doesn’t it? Some women have decided to live with it an accept it as part of their body figure, some women are too bothered by it, that they  pretend it isn’t there. What ever you do, you have to accept that it is there and shouldn’t be there. You do not even

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This Is Why Your Baby Comes Out Looking So Funny

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At the beginning, your newborn is…well..not so pretty at first. If you notice that your baby has too much hair on their face, their arms and legs are curled up for weeks, their eyes don’t always open and their genitals are very swollen, don’t worry mama, its quite normal, considering what they have been through being pushed out of the birth canal. Check out a couple of reasons why some parts of a newborn baby’s body might look funny and odd at first. Head Your babies head might look pointy and misshaped, the nose might look flattened, and even the

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This Interview With Comedian Senator and Wife, Kemen, Will Make You Believe In Marriage Again


In a recent interview with Punch, stand-up Nigerian comedian, Bethel Njoku, popularly known as Senator, and his wife, Kemen, an entrepreneur and mother of one, talk about the secret to their successful five-year old marriage. On how they met: Senator: My wife is a younger sister of my classmate in primary school. I have always known the family, but we (my wife and I) were not closeuntil I relocated to Lagos. She studied at the Lagos State University. She is a French graduate. We dated for five years before we got married. We have known each other for 10 years now. Kemen: 

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Shocked Housewife Recounts: How I Discovered My Husband of 3-Years Is A Woman


A Zimbabwean, Memory Danzi, 34, has been left in utter shock after she discovered that her husband, Clemence George Chibaya Chiwenga, whom she married 3 years ago is in fact a woman. Even though she has slept with ‘him’ on numerous occasions, she didn’t know he used a small pestle, (mutswi) as ‘his’ manhood.  Danzi chronicled her experience in a report by Manica Post: When newsmen caught up with Danzi who tearfully chronicled the hard to believe events surrounding the three-year affair with the suspect, she said she felt grossly cheated and abused. “I fell in love with this ‘man’ in 2013, but I

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8 Things Parents Should Not Be Caught Doing On Social Media

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All the buzz and huff of social media has got Mums and Dads sitting on the edge of their seats worrying about what their children get into. As the day goes by, more and more adults, lets say “parents”, are joining social media such as twitter, instagram, facebook, and all the ones yet to be created. Lets face it, as much as their isn’t an age limit or grade for social media, everyone is allowed into the club from at least age 15. As a parent there are just some things that you shouldn’t be caught doing on social media

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5 Ways To Keep Your Weight In Check During Pregnancy

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A woman should gain between 25 – 35 pounds during pregnancy, depending on her BMI and pre-pregnancy weight. However, a lot of pregnant women end up packing way more than the recommended range, leaving them lots of baby fat to battle with post-delivery. Though keeping the excess weight off during pregnancy can be challenging, it’s well worth the effort as gaining too much weight may lead to complications during pregnancy and labour. See helpful tips you should note to keep your weight in check… 1. Your calories Ask your doctor about the recommended number of calories you should take daily

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7 Things You Should Never Judge A Mum About


Often times, it’s quite easy to sit on our high chairs and judge other mums’ supposed shortcomings or inadequacies. We must however realize there’s no such thing as a perfect mum, or human for that matter, and always focus on the positive. Find 7 things you should stop judging a mum about… 1. Her Parenting Skills. So, you met this mum at the mall and her feisty 3-year-old throws a quite epic tantrum and you roll your eyes and think or even dare to say how she needs to learn ways to keep him in check. Rather than criticize, give

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Dear MIM Am I Wrong To Distrust My Cousin After This?


Long ago, my female cousin started living with us. Being an only girl, I immediately bonded with her and my prior loneliness was erased. We went to school together, washed plates together, took our bath together – we were inseparable and people actually thought we were twins. Unknown to them, I was older than her with about 2 years. I saw her like a sister and she knew everything about me. Then, 8 years ago while on holiday from the university (I was in 100L), this guy in my neighborhood asked me out and I really liked him. I can’t

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