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Green Tea Far Better Than Coffee


Drinking green tea improves your health. It is fast becoming the best tea for nutritionists and health-conscious people,  and shown to have health benefits and way better than taking regular tea or coffee. Matcha tea, a type of green tea made in powered form, has been particularly known to give a healthier ‘morning pick-me-up’ feeling that coffee wouldn’t give you. The green tea, made in Japan, like most green teas, are made from Camellia sinensis. The plants are shaded away from the sun between the time when the new leaf shoots start to appear and when they are picked. According

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Vacation Bursts Stress, Boosts Immunity and Metabolism


Vacation is the best way of feeling so great away from day-to-day activities by retreating to a relaxing resort. There is medical research to support vacation. The study revealed going on vacation relieves stress, refreshes the cells, and help fight ageing problems. Meditation during retreat also boosts the immune function and metabolism in human body. A combined  research effort from University of California, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and Harvard Medical School examined 94 healthy women between the ages of 30 to 60 years old, who had retreated at a resort. Half of them included mantra meditation, yoga and self-reflection

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Emem Isong speaks on motherhood: ‘It is nice to have other people to think of’


Talented movie producer, Emem Isong is still basking in the euphoria of motherhood. Though she is back to work she wish to take more time off to nurse her twins. ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with her at her Surulere (Lagos) office, where she shared the joys of motherhood with us and told us about her forthcoming movie…   How are you rocking motherhood? I am doing the best that I can. It is not easy at all considering the fact that they are two. I rely on God’s grace and I am trying my best. What is the best

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