5 Tips On Successful Internet Dating

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Your photo is your first impression

As the age old saying goes, “you only get one first impression.” In the case of online dating, not only is your profile picture your first impression with a person it will also make or break whether or not they want to read your profile and click further. The secret to online dating is following these guidelines for online dating profile picture success. Wendy Newman, relationship coach helps with a few steps to take when selecting your profile picture. Newman suggests that you use a close­up as your primary image, that way you can look directly at the camera and present yourself as a confident leader. Also, keep your clothes on. This may seem like common sense but you would be surprised with the bold choices that some users make. Newman’s tips, when followed correctly can create the ideal first impression to a potential boyfriend or girlfriend. To begin dating successfully, you have to start by putting your best face forward, literally.

Have a friend proofread your feed

After hours of perfecting your online dating profile you may think you are ready to click, ‘submit.’ Wait! Invite one of your friends over for a drink and have them proofread your profile. I know, this is a little weird. Your profile is essentially all of you exposed in five hundred words or less. But a key factor on how to date online successfully is by having a perfected and enticing profile. There are a lot of things that a fresh eye can catch. Your friend can tell you if you sound like a fraud or if you use words that are redundant. Your spelling could even have errors because you have been pain­stakingly staring at the same words for the past three hours.

Having your profile proofread by a buddy is essential to online dating success. They will fill in the pieces and edit what you have overlooked. According to relationship expert Wendy Walsh, one of many successful dating tips is that it is effective to have certain buzzwords in your profile. Health is important to most people searching for a mate online. Without being cliche or intimidating, aim for a goal to have your profile description exude vitality and confidence. This will make them want to read more and maybe even grab a drink.

Don’t let them ‘creep’ you online

No matter who you are you need to remain safe online. Whether it is online or offline be sure to always keep a close eye on the information that you share with people. The internet is a minefield of information. Sometimes there may be links to other personal sites you are a member of like Linkedin or Facebook. If you do not want the information on these sites to be known to the person you are courting, Google yourself. See what pops up and make the privacy edits accordingly. Tips on internet dating are mostly about how to get yourself a date but one of the most important tips that is not well announced is to remain safe while online dating. ALso, once your relationship has started to become an offline affair as well always tell someone where you are going and to whom you will be with. Although wonderful, online dating is filled with a bit of danger so users should be cautious all the time.

Sunday Funday

One of the untold secrets of online dating is the time of day and which day you choose to go online and chat. You must put in the time to get the results you want. Do not just leave your profile up and hope for the best. You will get from online dating what you put into it. Set aside an hour or so each day dedicated to updating your profile and chatting with others to create relationships. In the latest finds Sunday is actually one of the most used days. Set aside some time every Sunday afternoon and you may just like what you find.

Love is patient, love is kind

Online romance advice is everywhere but the only true advice that will get you anywhere is to be patient. “According to experts, honesty, patience and a well­thought­out profile are all anyone needs to find true love.” Dating successfully takes time, effort, and patience. You can read all the dating online tips and articles you want but unless you put your best foot forward and commit to this relationship search for love will your whole self you will not find success. Have fun, but also take this seriously and commit to love, commit to yourself and your happiness.

Happy Dating!


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